It’s hard to sew on a cool foggy morning…

One kitty on the dress I'm working on, one kitty sleeping right behind my sewing machine. Their kitty rules clearly state that hans aren't allowed to wake or move them when they're comfy.


Underpants are definitely a necessity right now, but they have to be teeny tiny to stay up on this teeny tiny frame. I bought some awesome pretty floral knits at Momen+, and tested my pattern with some scrap solids and a red ribbing scrap. The bean LOVES them, and insists on wearing them before I […]

a coat or a dress

ummmm. other than the weight of the fabric, is there a difference?I put lots of ease in The Bean’s clothes, so that they’ll fit for a long time, and so that she can run/wiggle as much as she wants…. I drafted this pattern to make her a simple raincoat, but I don’t want to cut […]

hand vs. machine…

see this dress: isn’t it GORGEOUS!?!?!?!? I found it in this book, which I got at the library, while looking for girls fashion. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! love the embroidery, love the sash, love the zipper front, love ALL of it. but it’s vintage, and in a book, so, clearly, I can’t have […]

Huck Finn Cap

I LOVE this hat!I bought the pattern to make a hat for D, but of course, even though the pattern is supposed to fit up to a 10 year old, my son’s head is an whole INCH bigger than the biggest size. So I’m going to have to enlarge the pattern, boo.I figured before I […]

roses? maybe a whole bouquet?

I was working on some embroidery tonight, and then after I finished it, I still had 15 minutes of tivo’d Glee to finish watching… so I pulled out a pipe cleaner to make these roses (aren’t they amazingly pretty!)… but I don’t love it when I do it…. I think it needs the raggedy edge, […]


here’s the mostly fixed version of the 1930s apple dress… clearly I need to read more Anthro catalogs, because I am HORRIBLE at naming dresses…I called it the Mavis dress on the pattern pieces I drafted… My wonderful grandmother doesn’t like the Bean’s real name (Leonora)… she wanted me to name her Devery. (NOPE! not […]

the aviatrix dress…

when I was younger, I totally adored Shirley Temple (if I still had time to watch her movies, I would)…I particularly love her wardrobe… and now that my daughter can wear dresses, and I can sew, CLEARLY I need to make her some Shirley Temple-esque dresses! (right? RIGHT!)unfortunately, I can’t find patterns… When there are […]

rough week last week…

last week was a real bummer of a week. nothing ACTUALLY horrible or tragic, just a bunch of crafting problems. but when you’re me, that’s a MAJOR bummer. so this is my venting post, and hopefully it will be cathartic, so then I’m going to post my redemption…first up: a pair of socks for my […]