here’s the mostly fixed version of the 1930s apple dress… clearly I need to read more Anthro catalogs, because I am HORRIBLE at naming dresses…
I called it the Mavis dress on the pattern pieces I drafted… My wonderful grandmother doesn’t like the Bean’s real name (Leonora)… she wanted me to name her Devery. (NOPE! not going to happen. Darren and Devery are totally the names of someones pugs, NOT the names of my children!) Anyway, my gram said she liked the name MAVIS (D’s suggestion, because he likes the Thomas train named Mavis) better than Leonora.
But Mavis is just such an old-fashioned name! Maybe one who’s time has come back around? are there lots of baby Mavises running around? because I could totally see this dress being worn by all the super stylish babies on the block….

the back has 3 buttons to close (but could have snaps or a zipper if preferred)
the collar and sleeves are contrasting, and the skirt has 3 pleats on each side of the center, so there’s lots of fullness for running and jumping…

(She’s also wearing the leggings I made as part of KCW, and D’s first pair of shoes, from when he was 10 months old)

I think I just need to widen the shoulders and cut the bodice of the dress on the bias so you can see the inset part…. it’s super cute though, right?

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