ummmm. other than the weight of the fabric, is there a difference?
I put lots of ease in The Bean’s clothes, so that they’ll fit for a long time, and so that she can run/wiggle as much as she wants….

I drafted this pattern to make her a simple raincoat, but I don’t want to cut into the really expensive laminated cotton I bought for this purpose until I know if the pattern works, so I tested it with this simple (and cheap, as it was on sale) cotton corduroy. The Bean chose the fabric, insisting that we “need dat, mama, neeeeeeed dat fowers!”

I had JUST enough to make the coat/dress and matching hat….

D helped me put in the snaps (the bean did NOT help, as she sat there and mixed up all the previously sorted snap parts while my attention was on the press. boo!)

she really likes the strawberries inside the hat!

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