when I was younger, I totally adored Shirley Temple (if I still had time to watch her movies, I would)…
I particularly love her wardrobe… and now that my daughter can wear dresses, and I can sew, CLEARLY I need to make her some Shirley Temple-esque dresses! (right? RIGHT!)
unfortunately, I can’t find patterns… When there are really cute vintage patterns for sale, they’re $40+ and I don’t think my daughter needs cute dresses THAT badly.
so I decided to draft my own patterns, given my reasonable successes during KCW
first I tried this dress, but it totally flopped, so to clear my brain, I tried to make THIS one.

(Now that I think about it, this is the dude from Stowaway, not Curly Top, so the Aviatrix name doesn’t work, but it’s already on my pattern pieces… oh well…)
here’s my verson:

I think it’s a reasonable winner, don’t you?
here’s the back:

and a close up of the front:

and my awesome model, being very tolerant of her mama’s photographic needs….

I’m thinking of attempting to draft this pattern in various sizes (2T-6?), and then maybe selling it as a PDF pattern…
of course, I’ll need pattern testers, and input, so if anyone’s out there….
… email me?

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