birthday presents!

one of D’s schoolmates turned 3 this past week, and her favorite color is purple…I decided to take the opportunity to draft some of the patterns I’ve been working on… I was reasonably pleased with them, and she lit up like a candle, she was so happy with them! I love the rose I added […]

Crocheted rock…

The Bean says it's a Rock in a Dress. I'm gonna make some prettier ones (more complex designs) for D's Beach School teachers for Xmas presents. The Bean and I gathered a few rocks from the beach school beach this morning, and I'm gonna do a red one for the Red Bird teacher, and a […]

Halloween costume hack!

Eek! Time is runnin out! No time for patterns or precision, just grab some old wrapping paper and draw! One kangaroo costume for a 2year-old coming up!


I'm drafting slopers, playing with my fun rulers, my pattern drafting book, and lots of colored sharpies. FUN!!!

Welcome home!

My kitties must have missed me, I have one on each side right now, as I sit and sew on the sofa… They're purring up a storm, it's like sitting with a massagy-vibraty blanket on top of me. Quite nice. I'm listening to the rain, watching the sun rise, and sewing up a CANDY CORN […]

East Coast Vacation!

And I managed to peek into the Stitch House Dorchester (in Dorchester, MA)… The bean insisted on this gorgeous variegated pink wool, and I didn't put up much of a fight. D wanted some knit toys, so I got patterns for him.

WIP wednesday (a little late)

Duplicate stitching a pair of "colonial blue" pants for the bean. We're gonna try to do a little junior-Yalies photoshoot this weekend.

Brilliant ladies!

Made-by-Rae's little bubble romper, and an awesome little quick sketch of the Bean drawn by my awesome grandma. Isn't it sooooo cute!


This one is defninitely a coat, not a dress!I was able to make the other two in about an hour or so each.this one took much longer, 4-5 hours. ick.I’m not a fan of laminated cotton, after all. Even if it is “Lindy Leaf” by Heather Bailey.but it came out SO well!I lined the hood […]

Round 2, Dress vs Coat

My kids have really big heads, so they’re going to be awesomely smart when they grow up, right?I wanted to make a hooded raincoat for the Bean, but I know she has a GIANT noggin, just like her brother/dad/both-of-her-grandmothers, so I wanted to test my pattern/sizing before cutting into the cotton laminate…The Bean had spotted […]