I LOVE this hat!
I bought the pattern to make a hat for D, but of course, even though the pattern is supposed to fit up to a 10 year old, my son’s head is an whole INCH bigger than the biggest size. So I’m going to have to enlarge the pattern, boo.
I figured before I started scaling, I should test it, right? in a size that already works?
so, since the coat/dress I just made had some scraps left over, I whipped (or labored for 6 hours last night) this little cutie out:

I even used a twin needle to make these pretty topstiches:

of COURSE, I had to find something cute to line it, and it had to match, (and I had to find it without waking children, in the dark)… luckily I had this 1/2 yard of cloyingly sweet strawberries… the Bean likes looking inside her hat to find the strawberries, but I don’t have to look at them all the time.

here’s the hat with the coat/dress (in this weather, it’s a coat, but it snaps all the way down, so it could be a dress, maybe? it’s lightweight cord…)

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