Crafty things I accomplished today.

I located the pattern and cut the pieces for:A plush frog2 frog appliques2 boys raglan Ts1 pair boys pants2 tiered little girl skirts2 matching bagsAppliques of little girls initials for bagsTween girl skirtWomens t-shirt skirtScarfApron8 Fortune cookie ornaments4 hot/cold packsPants turned into a bag I machine blanket-stitched the initials to bags, sewed the bags and […]


Ok, I know it’s super dorky, but OMG, these creations are AMAZING!

easy and fast and cheap

a perfect combination! homemade baby legs, from a pair of womens socks!the easiest way to make these is obviously just to cut off the foot, but that leaves raw edges, and I don’t like raw edges. so: take the foot, cut the heel and toe off, fold the middle part of the foot in 1/2, […]

wardeobe refashion

A few months ago I knitted the Bean some wool soakers. just the short diaper looking kind.then one day, I was sitting in my sewing room, and I saw the sleeves from a wool sweater I had previously cut up. They had elbow pads. hmm. After accidentally serging one on backwards, I resewed the sleeves […]

Today’s trip to the Urban Craft Center

We found these amazing fabric gingerbread houses in the window… D LOVED them, and NEEDED them, but, of course, there is no pattern, no kit, etc… just one of the girls there working magic. She said cardboard bases, and then a 1/4 yard of fabric, adhesive-sprayed down, with bulky yarn and glitter and a little […]

Teeny tiny crochet

Ok, so again with the slightly blurry iPhone pictures, but I couldn’t wait to show off my teeny tiny little crocheted snowflakes! aren’t they so pretty!!! (or rather, isn’t this one so pretty? the other one was finished after these pics were taken, but is equally pretty, trust me) I’m starch/blocking it out, hopefully this […]

My first flower doll

I just sewed the first of 4 kit dolls I bought at The Urban Craft Center. I think I might go back there tomorrow and get some more. this was SO fun to make, and I’m SO pleased with the results! The problem tonight, though,was that my 3yo saw me working on it, watched the […]

Easy kitty toy

I wrapped about 1/2 a teaspoon of catnip in some roving, stuck some scraps of wool yarn in, and then needle felted it to stick it all together. The ball is about the size of a quarter. The cats LOVE it.

Some kiddo Xmas presents

I don’t remember if I mentioned it here or not, but a few weeks back the Urban Craft Center celebrated their 1st anniversary with a RIDICULOUS sale. The Weir doll kits were 75% off, which made them all under $10 (some were like $3… I wish I’d gotten more, they would make awesome b-day presents… […]

craftiness and inspiration

One of the blogs I most love reading is called Attic24. I LOVE this blog. everysinglething about it makes me happy. it even makes me want to live in a cold rainy place, just so I could maybe be knitting buddies with the author! anyway, she’s inspired me to retake up crochet, because of these […]