Why home/hand made is better than storebought:

Nothing I’ve made for my kids, (and nothing I’ve bought them on etsy) has ever ripped my finger open. Stupid plastic packaging, however, sliced my index finger right open. Lots of blood. Now, not only is my finger tender, but this bandaid makes knitting quite a bother.Why can’t all toys just come in a box […]

no frills trip-packing lists

I’m about to leave for a week-long road-trip with my dad and kiddos; C has to stay and work. 🙁 I made this trip-packing list up a few years ago, then added a baby one, then a kid one. they’re just simple word docs, but OH SO HELPFUL! I print out 1 for each adult, […]

Using my Xmas presents!

I had pepsi at lunch (caffeine), and wine after dinner (poor judgement) so instead of going to bed early I stayed up and tested one of my Xmas books. Tasty Crochet sure offers tasty treats! My kiddos need more play food, so I asked Santa for this book. I made the apple tonight, and it […]

Last minute doll dress…

I spent HOURS making the Bean this waldorf doll. HOURS and HOURS. Of course, those hours did not include time to make the doll any clothes. I had gran plans to make them matching purple courderoy overalls and frilly blue an purple shirts, but that totally didn't happen. So at 10pm Xmas eve, I had […]

I hate etsy

beacause I ALWAYS find something without which I cannot live.LOOK at these awesome shoes!!!http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=35769855aren't they amazing!?!?!?! someone MAKES these!!!and I could be wearing them!I had to put a pair (size 9, walnut, peep-toe, neutrals) immediately on my wishlist, because i am a selfish and horribly greedy girl.my birthday is only 6.5 months away!

The doll!

Just finished it! Now on to the clothes!

I can’t wait for Christmas!

Not only am I selfishly, wonderfully, ridiculously excited about some gifts I know I’m getting (thanks Amazon Universal Wish List!), but I also can’t WAIT to give gifts this year. other than books, (and a pair of warm boots for my mom, she asked for them specifically), EVERY gift I’m giving this year is HAND […]

Pixie cap

The bean is finally growing! I made this hat for her a year ago (knit the weekend of my grandfather's funeral to keep me busy!), and it was too big to stay on her head. Now it's too small!I ran out of the purple, and subbed in the pink, rather than buy a whole 'nother […]

Christmas Countdown!

we got our cards today, so I suppose I should be addressing them, but I want to just do one big post office trip at the end of the week, so I need to finish presents in there somewhere… My camera is in the back of my husband’s car, so I missed a billion awesome […]