We found these amazing fabric gingerbread houses in the window… D LOVED them, and NEEDED them, but, of course, there is no pattern, no kit, etc… just one of the girls there working magic. She said cardboard bases, and then a 1/4 yard of fabric, adhesive-sprayed down, with bulky yarn and glitter and a little felt, to decorate. Aren’t they soo cute!!! I have a huge fear of exacto blades/cutting cardboard, so I have to wait till C has time to cut some boxes for me, but we’re totally making some of these this weekend. my only real change will be to make the doors open and shut… and maybe curtains in the windows? who knows. it’s super cute though.

D also loves the deer. They have a class to make these hand sewn animals, but I can’t ever make it to their classes, and they don’t have a pattern or anything… there’s a doe, a buck, with tall antlers, and the little fawn. they have wire inside them, so the legs bend. I have to try my hand at these this weekend too. One of the things I love about this store is that I can get my fabric/yarn/crafting fix, but D isn’t bored to tears either, they have samples of all the class projects, and of most of their products, and D can play. It totally confirms my belief in Waldorf/Montessori exploration, he has so much more fun here imagining things than he does in a toy store. he was taking the deer one by one to feed them the felt grapes you see in the background, and holding up the felted rainbow to explain that the rain was over, they could safely come out to play. so sweet and imaginitive.

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