One of the blogs I most love reading is called Attic24. I LOVE this blog. everysinglething about it makes me happy. it even makes me want to live in a cold rainy place, just so I could maybe be knitting buddies with the author!
anyway, she’s inspired me to retake up crochet, because of these bits of gorgeousness.

My prettier snowflakes have already been gifted (to Gram) or stolen (by D), but here’s my version… I’m using cotton, instead of wool (because that’s the only white I have on hand, and since I’m JUST getting back into it, after a 10 year hiatus, I don’t want to practice on expensive new stuff). It doesn’t block as nicely, (although, these haven’t been blocked AT ALL, which is why the look icky), but it’s free, so….

I also really really liked THIS advent calendar, so I made C cut/stain a board, and after I did the stitching, I hot glued the pockets on to the board. Still not sure what to paint at the top… maybe Merry Christmas, or maybe that in some other language… French? Spanish? Gaelic?

I put a little note that said TRAINS! in it, so D got the note, and sounded out the word, with help from both C and me, and then he got to “help” C make the Martha Stewart paper trains, (minus the glitter), (I used a 40%off coupon to get it yesterday at Michaels).

oh, here’s a better snowflake… this one is wool, and it has been blocked, so it’s much improved…

I made one of the flaky bits extra long, so that I can hang it on the xmas tree without having to use a metal hook, since the bean is going to go crazy on the tree… I’m trying to make it as safe as possible, but….