I just sewed the first of 4 kit dolls I bought at The Urban Craft Center. I think I might go back there tomorrow and get some more. this was SO fun to make, and I’m SO pleased with the results! The problem tonight, though,was that my 3yo saw me working on it, watched the process, and then insisted that he needed to have the little dolly to sleep with, and therefore it will not probably be gifted to my daughter for xmas. oh well, at least it’s loved.

my only real complaint is that the dolls all seem to be blond/blue eyed. I might have to change some of them to have the light brown hair/brown eyes of my daughter, or the auburn hair of my husband, or the dark brown hair of me, or the green eyes of my son. Maybe that was just the luck I had grabbing these 4 though, who knows.

here’s a back view… it’s pretty all the way around!

here she is next to a train, just for scale. (it also made me realize that these dolls will be able to use the thomas train set, they’re the perfect size to play in and around the various structures!)

here’s a rather blurry close-up of the face of this doll. My nice camera is out in the car, and its way too cold outside to go get it, hence the iPhone pics.

here’s the package, just for reference. It came out looking almost exactly like the picture, except that I used white thread to sew the parts together, and the photo shows green. I think I like my white better. lucky for me! (oh, and the red sticker denoted the 75% off sale. so this doll, which was supposed to cost $13something, and is totally worth that full price, wound up costing like $3.5. pretty awesome, imo. the 75% off sale is over, but they’re still 30% off, and that’s worth it to me, hence the repeat trip I’m planning for tomorrow)