I located the pattern and cut the pieces for:
A plush frog
2 frog appliques
2 boys raglan Ts
1 pair boys pants
2 tiered little girl skirts
2 matching bags
Appliques of little girls initials for bags
Tween girl skirt
Womens t-shirt skirt
8 Fortune cookie ornaments
4 hot/cold packs
Pants turned into a bag

I machine blanket-stitched the initials to bags, sewed the bags and
tiered skirts for two special little birthday girls, appliqued frogs
on raglan fronts, sewed ornaments, sewed the plush frog, the hot bags,
and the pants-into-bag.
I also made turkey pies and raspberry-mint-limeade with my sweetie.

This is just a crafty list. Ie, what I did AFTER kiddo-bedtime.
Not bad, if I do say so myself.
It's obviously too dark/late to take pics tonight though, so you'll
have to wait till tomorrow.

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