Ok, so again with the slightly blurry iPhone pictures, but I couldn’t wait to show off my teeny tiny little crocheted snowflakes! aren’t they so pretty!!! (or rather, isn’t this one so pretty? the other one was finished after these pics were taken, but is equally pretty, trust me)

I’m starch/blocking it out, hopefully this cotton will be really well affected by the starch/blocking process.

I made the round ones on the left about a month ago, I think I blogged about it then… but I never blocked them… honestly, I forgot that blocking is magical, and was disappointed with their appearance. but now I’m LOVING them, well, at least the top one.. the bottom one is a little wonky, and will probably be tossed.

here’s the good one, from crochet today magazine

and here’s one of my little snowflakes. My hand is in the shot just to show how teeny tiny it is. I used Lucy’s pattern from Attic24 (it’s no secret that I LOVE this blog), but I used crochet cotton and a teeny tiny needle (.8mm) to make these. They’re going to my sister for Xmas. I was all set to make her these bags, or an apron or something practical, and then decided, nope, just because she’s a mom/my older responsible sister doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate something whimsical and handmade and girly. Hope she likes them! (despite not being all that old, she’s completely unconnected and I doubt she even knows what a blog is, let alone read mine, so I’m not the slightest bit worried that I’m spoiling her surprise, unless of course, my Gram or one of my parents spoils the surprise…