Baby boy quilt-in-progress, take 2

First, she sorted… (Well, first I sewed, THEN she sorted) Then we played. This one is much smaller, probably 45×55, so it’ll actually be for the baby. But it’s the same fabric line as D’s quilt, so they’ll coordinate. Cause clearly my house is all about coordination (not!) C just ordered me an early birthday […]

Another bag…

This puppy needs a name. I made another one to test my pattern, and I LOVE it. (BTW, if any of you love this bag as much as I do, I’d love a pattern tester!) My sister’s birthday is coming up, and that blue is her favorite color, so I think it’s headed her way, […]

A little boy quilt

I always have lots of scraps (sometimes lots of actual yardage) leftover after I make a quilt top for Robert Kaufman, so I decided to use some of the smaller scraps to make a quilt for the boy I am gestating right now… here’s the view looking down right now…. the Bean “helped” me whip […]

Final prototype

OOOOH! Squee! I am in LOOOOOOVE. My new bag is exactly what I want, and I just whipped this final puppy up in about an hour (not including cutting, which might have taken almost 1/2 an hour). Simple and clean and FUNCTIONAL and (if I do say so myself) CUTE!!!  Here it is empty: It’s […]

A sweet birthday present…

We’ve got some little girl birthdays coming up, so I decided to use some of my Anne Kelle lollipop and ice cream cone scraps (I think… It’s all a blur from market) with some random other scraps to work on this zippered bag idea again… Last time the zipper was too high, this time it’s […]

EXPLODING with cuteness.

I made another dress last night, because I had to stay busy. and because I need to make THIS dress now. so here’s the latest version, using a Kona (Rich Red?) and this gorgeous organic fabric (Pick a Bunch) :  ( I think The Bean likes it) It’s my State Fair Frock, again, but this […]

a little school jumper…

So, obviously yesterday was 9/11, and I totally couldn’t handle it.  I hugged D so hard at one point he complained (he normally loves hugs)… It’s a crazy day for me, because we could see the smoke (and we were covered in ash by evening) from across the bay (we, my best friends and I, […]

progress, halted…

I’ve started knitting a sweater for D… I have so much yarn left from when I was knitting soakers for the Bean, I need to use it! I am working on a sailor-inspired sweater, using “Knitting without Tears” by Elizabeth Zimmerman (when I get rich, I’m gonna buy every book/show/etc she ever made)to help me […]

Built like a ROCK.

Before Cleaning: Excitement! TADA!!!! Once I pieced the block (as a test of the motor/power supply), I sat down at the computer, and tried to find out when/who made this powerhouse of a machine. So far, my research shows (according to the label on the motor) that even though she is “badged” World’s Rotary,” she’s […]

Me and Roxie

This is Roxie: I have a post, just for her, coming soon. last night, she and I worked for about 8 hours on a quilt top using Jay McCarroll’s Habitat Fabric for an LAMQG challenge (sponsored by FreeSpirit, who makes the fabric)… Roxie is AWESOME (and powerful! and beautiful! and amazing, and EIGHTY YEARS OLD!) ok, […]