I made another dress last night, because I had to stay busy. and because I need to make THIS dress now.
so here’s the latest version, using a Kona (Rich Red?) and this gorgeous organic fabric (Pick a Bunch) :

 ( I think The Bean likes it)

It’s my State Fair Frock, again, but this time I actually took the process pictures so I can write up the directions… Of course, I made a million mistakes, because I hadn’t made it in so long, but all in all, I’m pleased… She got compliments on it everywhere we went, so I think it’s a success)

I think the eyelet beading is my favorite part, but I also love the sash in the back: 

(today was Meet the School day at her new preschool, so here she is with one of her new classmates… their campus really is THAT close to the ocean. crazy, huh?)

(Speaking of crazy cool, we had a bunch of dolphins frolicking really close by, the kiddos (and parents) loved it!)

(also speaking of, we still have 1 space to fill in the older class, must be 4 years old by November2!)

here she is with another new classmate… The Bean got all excited that this was Aunt Em/Uncle Henry’s farm house…

(btw, even though this dress is long, it’s actually 2 inches longer… since the skirt is just a rectangle, it’s really easy to put growth tucks into it… I think I need to move the pockets up, and add in a few more tucks!)