This is Roxie:
I have a post, just for her, coming soon.
last night, she and I worked for about 8 hours on a quilt top using Jay McCarroll’s Habitat Fabric for an LAMQG challenge (sponsored by FreeSpirit, who makes the fabric)… Roxie is AWESOME (and powerful! and beautiful! and amazing, and EIGHTY YEARS OLD!)
ok, so she didn’t do the blanket stitches, because she’s just a straight-stitcher, but my Bernina (who still needs a name, and a cover, to be honest) is willing to pitch-hit.
I asked my friends on Facebook to help me name her, and Tess reminded me that Roxie is the perfect name for her (For some reason, the Chicago soundtrack had been in my head the whole time I was working on cleaning her, and I had mentioned that to Tess, and … yeah, I’m an idiot not to have made the connection, but luckily, Tess is super smart.)
Anyway, I made these little travel sewing kits, (Tess chose the bottom one, lined with Kona Espresso)…
Shall I do a giveaway for the top one, or sell it on Etsy… not sure… stay tuned, I have an idea….