This puppy needs a name.

I made another one to test my pattern, and I LOVE it. (BTW, if any of you love this bag as much as I do, I’d love a pattern tester!)


My sister’s birthday is coming up, and that blue is her favorite color, so I think it’s headed her way, but I have enough of the fabric left over to make another one for myself. 🙂


Zip pocket on the inside on one side…


And triple pocket on the other side (my straight pocket trifecta: cellphone, pen, keys/earbuds).

All fabrics bought last week from the lovely lively ladies at SewModern. (They’re VERY lovely,  and I do love them muchly, but my autocorrect reminded me that one reason I love them is that they’re very lively)

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  1. I would actually love to pattern test this, and will actually do it in a timely fashion this time. What type of hardware do I need?

    1. Hooray! Thanks Katie! All you need are 4 0-rings (or D rings, if you prefer), and 2 zippers (1 for the inside, 8″ long, 1 for the outside, 22+ ” long). 1/2 yard of outer fabric, fusible fleece, and interfacing, 3/4 yard lining. I’ll email you the pattern in the next few days…

  2. This is awesome Ramona! If I were in town I would totally test to the pattern for you. Maybe when I get back if you still need more testers.

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