I’ve started knitting a sweater for D… I have so much yarn left from when I was knitting soakers for the Bean, I need to use it!
I am working on a sailor-inspired sweater, using “Knitting without Tears” by Elizabeth Zimmerman (when I get rich, I’m gonna buy every book/show/etc she ever made)to help me along…

a sailor sweater for my little dude

I don’t feel like (/can’t justify the expense, given the EXTREMELY large stash I have) buying more blue in the right color/weight to go with the large amount of undyed Cascade worsted I have, so I’m using something else (the tag was ripped off… feels like a sport or DK weight wool), but since it’s only 1 row of every 5, hopefully it will work?see, the blue is small...

If EZ could keep gauge whilst knitting with 4 different size sock needles, surely I can maintain my gauge while adding in a detail of smaller yarn? we shall see…. I’ve cast on 150 stitches, and am attempting to knit mostly Continentally (I learned American, so this is a real switch for me!). ¬†So far so good, though!

I sat down to watch The Tudors¬†embroider another block tonight, but my lap has been invaded by Killy and his baby… Honestly, the combined purring is drowning out all those lovely accents… He thinks it is bed time, so off to bed we go.