Modern Bliss

I used some scraps from sewing up a Modern Bliss lap quilt to make a little mug rug: I’m taking a Craftsy class (strip paper piecing) to improve my skills, and this was one of the blocks in the class. I feel much more confidant with my paper piecing now, and am bummed that I’ve […]

Birthday dotty dress

The Bean’s birthday request was polkadot dressed. I happily complied. it’s made with this vintage pattern right one top. the orange and white polkadots. per her request.

Birthday dress in a Jiffy

I have a stash of patterns that my Grandma gave me, used by her in the 60’s (for my dad’s little sister)… some of them are SO awful it’s funny, and some are just plain wonderful. this one was wonderful. it’s the Jiffy Dress on the upper right side…. I tried really hard to get […]

Another nursing-dress muslin

I had the sick 6 y/o take these pics, so my¬†apologies¬†for the quality (but yay him for being my photographer!) I made this dress up last night, based sorta on the schoolhouse tunic I wore yesterday. it’s another wearable muslin (this fabric is by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman, and is a 1930’s floral ditsy […]

Schoolhouse tunic

I need more nursing-friendly clothing. I emailed Meg at Sew Liberated, and she was super helpful about how to use her patterns for nursing. So I bought the Schoolhouse Tunic, and last night I made a muslin (a wearable muslin, oxymoronical as it may be). I think I need to take it in in a […]

Robert Kaufman Lawn update

People keep asking about the durability of the new Robert Kaufman lawn (that I clearly rave about constantly, else why would so many people ask)… early in May, I made this dress for the Bean. so 2 months later, it’s still unhemmed, (though I did manage to iron it today before she put it on) […]

Valentine dress for the Bean

working the kinks out of another dress idea… this is the second attempt. the first went prefectly, but I had no pattern, and didn’t write anything down… recreating is always harder than just winging it… luckily, she’s cute no matter what. fabric is RK pomegranate and some soon-to be released hearts (scraps from when I […]

I hate magenta.

I made this super awesome dress for the Bean, using a vintage pattern…. (sorta. I mean, I copied a vintage pattern but used her sloper) anyway, to make the grey a little more girlie, I embroidered some flowers. And the old magenta floss I used bled all over. poop.

KCWC finale: Vintage patterns….

C and I had a morning date to the antique flea market, and while he was busy inspecting and buying a vintage cash register (seriously, for work), I stumbled upon these gems. Priced at $2-3 each, I absolutely could not resist. none of them are the right size, but I can grade the size 1’s […]