C and I had a morning date to the antique flea market, and while he was busy inspecting and buying a vintage cash register (seriously, for work), I stumbled upon these gems. Priced at $2-3 each, I absolutely could not resist.

none of them are the right size, but I can grade the size 1’s up, and save the 6….

The Bean, of course, wants this dress with the doll first. sorry, not going to happen….


I ADORE this sunsuit, and cannot WAIT (until after market) to make it. I’m thinking something polkadot….


btw, does anyone know the dealio with sharing vintage patterns? B/c I’d be willing to scan/share, but I dunno if it’s legal….

and isn’t this the SWEETEST little dress? I think it’ll be fun for her to wear this summer, though I can already foresee that C and I will not agree on hem lengths for his little princess… (if it weren’t for the politics/religions involved, I think he’d like to dress her in a burka, or just lock her up in a tower)

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