I need more nursing-friendly clothing.
I emailed Meg at Sew Liberated, and she was super helpful about how to use her patterns for nursing.

So I bought the Schoolhouse Tunic, and last night I made a muslin (a wearable muslin, oxymoronical as it may be).


I think I need to take it in in a variety of places to give it a more flattering fit.


(can you tell I’m tired? Last night we had a very sick kiddo)

I made a size 14/16, based solely on my bust measurements, but I think I could easily fit into a 10/12.

But it was pretty easy to make, and works like a DREAM for nursing with a nursing tank underneath,


I added pockets in the side seams, just because I like pockets.

The fabric is red Cambridge Lawn, and I have no words to describe how awesome it is. SO soft, but still densely woven enough to be durable. Here in LA, wearing 2 layers is often too much, but a tank and a lawn tunic is JUST bearable. and it will be perfect for the colder days. I think I’ll add some trim or something to the front, but as it stands, baggy and all, it’s totally wearable, I LOVE the fabric and the color, and look forward to making more (smaller) Schoolhouse Tunics in the very near future.