When in Rome…

Playing with strings on the log cabin blocks reminded me that I had most of the blocks I need for a paper-pieces throw quilt, so I pulled the finished ones out, and figured out which ones I needed. I decided to add 11 blocks for a 5×7 layout. Crockett was really intent on lego and […]


It feels like it’s been so long since I loved quilting, but I miss it, and I’m trying to force myself back. These are little moments of joy that I need to remember. Basting: I don’t love the actual process of crawling around on the floor, but I do love the meditative aspect. As I […]

Scandi bandi

My friend Julie says everyone is doing it, so of COURSE I had to join her on the Scandinavian Star bandwagon. I mean, they’re JUST SO CUTE. And… um…. I have plenty of fabric scraps. I could probably make enough to cover a christmas tree lot. 😜 Instant gratification! Back to actually basting!

Alliteration: Bungus and Bag help me baste a baby quilt

cats and quilts

Oh, hey, look, a quilt post! One of my cousins is having a baby, and I serendipitously found some cute retro novelty fabric I’d cut up for a quilt…. 15 years ago? So I grabbed all the blues and white-ish ones (with, of course, a few random bright yellows just to mix it up), and […]

For the record (start here) 1/4

Dear anyone-who’s-not-my-ancestor, Race and identity have been on my mind a lot lately, and it’s … exhausting. I’m not angry or upset, I promise, but I DO need to stop carrying all this stuff. It was incredibly helpful to be open about my breast cancer scare/all of the… ––oh my goodness, it’s only been 3 […]

Tickertape of my thoughts (5/4)

… or why I’m back here blogging, what’s gonna be the same, and what’s gonna be different this time. I was talking with a beautiful friend recently about social media, and how being a minority (of any kind) made it simultaneously wonderful (so many people all over means now you’re not the only one!) and […]

SIMULTANEOUSLY (words are weapons) 4/4

Dear Ancestors, I wish I could just shout, once and for all “DON’T LABEL ME. EVER!” I’m glad that we’re at a stage of awareness and acceptance that we’re all starting to ask for pronouns (she/her, thanks for asking!), and I’m simultaneously wishing we could just have a gender-neutral language and avoid all these labels […]

Ask if you must, but do it politely… 3/4

Dear Ancestors, Why do people always ask about you? Not that I’m not proud of you, or that I want to be the center of attention, but I’m so sick of being asked about you like it’s some sort of test, mostly because you’re not here and I don’t know the right answers. The answers […]