It feels like it’s been so long since I loved quilting, but I miss it, and I’m trying to force myself back. These are little moments of joy that I need to remember.

Focus on a pin in the middle.

Basting: I don’t love the actual process of crawling around on the floor, but I do love the meditative aspect. As I work with the safety pins, I think about how safety pins were supposed to represent safety for a while, and then I spend time thinking about what I’m doing to make the world safer, to walk my talk, to show up for people as a safe space.

Bonus, at the end of my hard and serious thinking is my actual favorite moment of quilting: celebrating that the basting is done and it’s time to actually QUILT! I’m full of quilting anticipation and take lots of safety pin pics, focusing on different pins.

Focus on the close pins.

(I think anticipation is my favorite mood.)

My other favorite part of quilting is playing with layout.

I recently decided to start remaking a quilt I loved but gave away, this time maybe incorporating some of my random block-a-day bits.

Given to a good home, but I want to make another for me.

Here’s my (re)start! Just LOOKING at these works in progress makes me eager to jump out of bed and head to the garage to keep going.

Little cabins ready to grow.

I need to find more red squares for the hearts of the log cabin homes.