Am I my thoughts, or my actions? 2/4

Dear Ancestors, I’ve been thinking about the adjectives I use to describe myself. Social media profiles set a character limit to describe ourselves, and we each have to decide what’s most important to our identity. I think most things can be broken down into what we ARE, and what we DO… Thoughts vs Activities… Or […]

Easy Easy Hard

3 knitted dinos

I saw this pattern last year right after Dinovember and I just KNEW it’d be the perfect thing for the dinosaurs to leave at the end of this year. Dinosaur Dig So I made these cute little T-rexes, made a mess of my yarn to set the stage, ordered up some yarn, and started knitting. […]

Presentation and deadlines…

As I was frantically knitting this morning, and thinking about how bad I am at presentation (wrapping, arranging, etc) I realized that maybe i can shift my thinking from “I suck at wrapping,” to “I expand so much energy in the making of gifts, (and I’m usually down to the wire, knitting or sewing in […]

ok, more dusting

… yeah… it’s been a while. You know when you think you’ll do something, and then it’s been so long that it’s almost too embarrassing? mhmmm. That’s where I’ve been. I can’t just blame covid, it looks like I’ve been neglecting this space since 2015? (I tried to find a quilt I made a long […]

Dusting off YE OLDE BLOG

Boy Howdy, its been a minute! But nothing says “I’m bored, quarentine-fatigued, and missing human connection” like remembering that once upon a time (pre-instagram, obv) you had a blog, and maybe you should try that again… so here I am life update: kids are bigger (ages 14, 11.75, and 8, as of this writing), still […]

batik sea stars

  Here’s the first of a series of xmas present posts… I made this quilt for my mother-in-law: here’s the front:   and here’s the back: those zigzag edges were not fun to bind.     C tried to take pictures of the long arm quilting I did. It was my first time, and even […]

The Egg Cup princess

I whipped this little egg cozy up last week as a gift for D’s friend T. She’s British. Egg coz us are British-y, right? Pattern from Debbie Birkin I knitted all the parts the night before the party, and then sewed them up while c drove us to the party… Hence the dashboard background.

Guest Posting at Craizee Corners…

Hey everyone, I’m guest-posting over at so come visit! Not only can you can see my pretty 24″ Christmas SWOON block (which, btw, I’ll be teaching soon at SewModern), but you can see further proof of how completely insane I am: Details here. Please come visit and say hi?

Photo shoot!

Lauren (of Sewmodern) asked for some pics of me and my kiddos and pets and sewing stuff (ie a headshot and some “studio” shots). But my “studio” is all over my house. My cutting table is in the enclosed porch I share with the laundry and dogs. My ironing board is behind the sofa. My […]