Dear anyone-who’s-not-my-ancestor,

Race and identity have been on my mind a lot lately, and it’s … exhausting. I’m not angry or upset, I promise, but I DO need to stop carrying all this stuff. It was incredibly helpful to be open about my breast cancer scare/all of the… ––oh my goodness, it’s only been 3 months but it was so scary I think I forced myself to forget what the procedures were all called…. the surgeries where they took out bits to see if I had cancer–– anyway, what I learned from those months of not knowing is that holding it all in–all those thoughts and worries and questions–was exhausting, and now that I’m feeling exhausted and overwhelmed again, I think/hope that maybe putting it out there, releasing it from my body, will help me sleep as soundly as an old cat on a printer in the sunlight (but on my bed at night).

Boots knows how to ignore the chaos and SLEEP

So I’ll be sharing some thoughts, experiences, ideas that have been racing through my head, and… feel free to click away/scroll by. There will be plenty of pretty quilt and yarn pics from before and as I keep working on them, and maybe some kitten or kid pics too….

Hi! This is what I look like when I’m cold but the sunset is pretty at the marina and I have to post a headshot for work…


PS, here’s the next part

and part 3,

and part 4. This might be the last part…