Wanna test my pattern?

so you’ve all seen this dress, right? I mean, I’ve made 7 versions in 3 weeks, so hopefully you’ve seen it. I have the pattern pieces all done, as PDFs, ready to go….sizes 18m-5T (for reference, I’d make the Bean a 2T. She’s 36″ tall and 26 lbs. BUT she has no store bought clothes, […]

Polka Dot BoPeep

So last night, I HAD to put all other projects aside, and play with this AMAZINGLY cute fabric. polka dots win all the cuteness points, right? close-up of big rose clip I made rose clips from the scraps. 1 big, from both fabrics, 1 small, from the mostly-coral-fabric here’s the back wanna see it EVEN […]

this one has pockets.

well, the last dress was NOT a hit. the Bean loved it, and was all excited to wear it, put it on quite happily, posed for pics (as seen a little while ago), and then realized that it had no pockets.instant tantrum. but the print is so busy and pretty that my scraps-large-enough-to-become-pockets clash. pockets! […]

so I’m working on a hat pattern…

Because D needs a new hat, and I am going to make some for his teachers, as end of the year gifts. (just WAIT till you see the fabrics D chose for his preschool teachers. SO PRESCHOOL) D is semi-graciously letting me use his head to test my prototypes.But then, it turned out he wasn’t […]

skirt refashion

just a quick one…someone (1 of 3 friends, can’t remember which one) gave me this skirt, adult size L, but with an elastic waist, so there was LOTS of fabric. (yes, friends give me large old skirts, JUST so I can cut them up. I have awesome friends). here’s the dress! elastic shirring on the […]


Despite the June Gloom we wake to every morning (or perhaps because of it), SUMMER is officially here in Pedro.how do I know?It’s blackberry season! My dad has a whole wall covered in blackberry vines, and since we’re petsitting for him right now, we’re there at least once a day, and can eat our fill.yesterday, […]


YAY! we’re back!ok, so, as mentioned previously, I’m trying to improve my knit-sewing abilities… so I ripped up an ugly old knit nightgown of mine, and turned it into this cute Bo Peep top for the Bean: she seems to like it, right? there’s a little puckering on the side seams, but I can’t remember […]

What to do when Picasa and Blogger conspire against you:

make carnitasand Cheez-its.(we don’t eat them together or anything, but that’s what I’m making tonight.)both recipes are linked to my recipes of choice. not that I’ve tried others, but when the 1st one you try is AWESOME, why keep looking for more?hope you all have a wonderful night!Ramona


I’m having massive problems with Blogger and Picasa today, they won’t let me upload any pictures. This is mostly a test, I want to post a KNIT version of the Bo Peep Dress. I also want to scream at the computer for not cooperating.  this is NOT user error. Picasa just won’t connect, and I […]


So I successfully made a shirt from KNIT fabric yesterday! I guessed on the sleeve length, so they’re a little long, but the collar looks nice, right? I also didn’t have 2 spools of green thread, so I couldn’t use a twin needle, to make it look better, but it totally came out good enough […]