Despite the June Gloom we wake to every morning (or perhaps because of it), SUMMER is officially here in Pedro.
how do I know?
It’s blackberry season! My dad has a whole wall covered in blackberry vines, and since we’re petsitting for him right now, we’re there at least once a day, and can eat our fill.
yesterday, there were just TOO many to eat, so we packed up 2 little containers, and came home, planning to bake a pie.
But I don’t actually like pie (I know, I’m strange. I also don’t like coffee, tea, or chocolate. I have accepted my shortcomings.).
ANYway, after a desperate search through EVERY cookbook I know, I called my grandmother, and over the phone we cobbled together a recipe for Blackberry Turnovers.

Are you drooling yet? (btw, that’s C’s coffee. he loves it as much as I hate it).
SO so so good. totally worth the 7 or 8 hours to make the puff pastry from scratch. SOOOOO good.
would anyone like the recipe?

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