well, the last dress was NOT a hit. the Bean loved it, and was all excited to wear it, put it on quite happily, posed for pics (as seen a little while ago), and then realized that it had no pockets.
instant tantrum. but the print is so busy and pretty that my scraps-large-enough-to-become-pockets clash.

up close, you can see the shirred neckline.

So here’s the new dress. I’m loving this VERY simple dress pattern I drafted last night.

pockets are meant to be filled.
by anything handy.
like rocks.

In my head, it’s already available in multiple sizes, and I’m struggling with naming it. the only name that works right now is the Very Simple Dress.

lots and lots of rocks. even if they are heavy
and rip the pocket.

That’s not a horrible name, though, right?

because pockets are for filling.

Very Simple Dress. start to finish (cutting and all), well under an hour.

dress success

I think it’s going to be my new go-to gift for all little girls.

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