so you’ve all seen this dress, right?

I mean, I’ve made 7 versions in 3 weeks, so hopefully you’ve seen it.

I have the pattern pieces all done, as PDFs, ready to go….
sizes 18m-5T (for reference, I’d make the Bean a 2T. She’s 36″ tall and 26 lbs. BUT she has no store bought clothes, so I dunno what she’d be in store sizes. I used standard growth charts for my sizing.)

and I have photographs of the whole process, with instructions (for now) on each of the photos, (or written out as a Word Doc)

But I need some pattern testers…
both to check my drafting, and to tell me where I’m over- or under-explaining…

It’s definitely advanced beginner, but it’s NOT hard. Maybe a little fiddly. (you can totally do it tired at night, but not while your children are awake and interupting)

I really like it because, with the shirred empire waist, and the cased-elastic neckline, it’s basically impossible to make the wrong size.

(the top dress is a size 4T, the 4th dress is an 18m, the last dress is a 3T, all the rest are 2Ts.)
Oh, and if you’d rather, it’s also a top. I put cutting lines for making a top (i.e., pictures 4 and 6), if you want…
send me an email or comment, (i’ll close comments when I have enough testers), and I’ll get back to you RIGHT away.
THANKS in advance!

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  1. I'm game! Send it over! I'll make a 4T. Ella is a true store bought 4T, so I can be a good gauge on that one! Exciting!

  2. GaaahhYES! I'd love to! My lil'n is an 18 monther. YAY!

    I have a pattern coming out soon too! I've done the PDF, but am still working on the instructions. Are you going to keep your instructions as a Word doc? That's kind of where I'm hung up. Word doc or PDF. Decisions.

    Anyhow, yay! 😀

  3. I'll try too, even though we are not at that size I want practice making clothes and would be happy to test the 18 month size.

  4. Just found your blog – the dresses are soooo cute! My very petite soon to be 8 year old just out grew the toddler sizes. Am always making gifts for friends though – would love to test the pattern for them! And in the meantime will continue my search for cute patterns for bigger girls.

  5. I would love to test your pattern. LOve the dress super cute. I have a 5 year old daughter. And 2 nieces who are 2 and 4 always making stuff for them. So happy that I stumbled upon your blog your stuff is great!

  6. Ang, Rubyru, and Kelly, I'd love to send your a pattern to test, but I don't know your email addresses! please email me! lafamailiburke at gmail dot com, or click the email link on my profile page!

  7. Hi Ramona!!
    Congrats on finishing this pattern! Would love to test if you still need someone. 3T would be great. How's the quilting bee quilt going? Mine's still sitting in a stack!! 😛
    xx, Geraldine

  8. Are you still looking for testers? I'd love to! I have a 24 mo girlie pie that would look darling in these!

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