so you’ve all seen this dress, right?

I mean, I’ve made 7 versions in 3 weeks, so hopefully you’ve seen it.

I have the pattern pieces all done, as PDFs, ready to go….
sizes 18m-5T (for reference, I’d make the Bean a 2T. She’s 36″ tall and 26 lbs. BUT she has no store bought clothes, so I dunno what she’d be in store sizes. I used standard growth charts for my sizing.)

and I have photographs of the whole process, with instructions (for now) on each of the photos, (or written out as a Word Doc)

But I need some pattern testers…
both to check my drafting, and to tell me where I’m over- or under-explaining…

It’s definitely advanced beginner, but it’s NOT hard. Maybe a little fiddly. (you can totally do it tired at night, but not while your children are awake and interupting)

I really like it because, with the shirred empire waist, and the cased-elastic neckline, it’s basically impossible to make the wrong size.

(the top dress is a size 4T, the 4th dress is an 18m, the last dress is a 3T, all the rest are 2Ts.)
Oh, and if you’d rather, it’s also a top. I put cutting lines for making a top (i.e., pictures 4 and 6), if you want…
send me an email or comment, (i’ll close comments when I have enough testers), and I’ll get back to you RIGHT away.
THANKS in advance!

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