So last night, I HAD to put all other projects aside, and play with this AMAZINGLY cute fabric.

polka dots win all the cuteness points, right?
close-up of big rose clip

I made rose clips from the scraps. 1 big, from both fabrics, 1 small, from the mostly-coral-fabric

here’s the back

wanna see it EVEN CUTER:

she likes it.
because it has pockets.
pockets with butterscotch chips.
yes, I bribe my model.
she insisted on having BOTH roses in her hair,
(even though 1 was meant to stay on the dress.)

I didn’t put elastic in the sides of the neckline, because I was SO in love with the sweetheart curve it made.
this one is a perfect 3T, which is too big for this little munchkin, but it’s in my grandma’s favorite colors, so we’re keeping it.
LOVE. (ps, I may have made matching ruffled bloomers from the leftover mostly-white-fabric, but I’m not posting pics up my daughter’s skirt.)

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