Not only am I selfishly, wonderfully, ridiculously excited about some gifts I know I’m getting (thanks Amazon Universal Wish List!), but I also can’t WAIT to give gifts this year.
other than books, (and a pair of warm boots for my mom, she asked for them specifically), EVERY gift I’m giving this year is HAND MADE BY ME!
yes, it’s made the past month or so rather frantic, but I’m so very proud of each gift, and spent so many hours coming up with the perfect match of gift and person. lots of people will be receiving the same things, but that doesn’t make it less heartfelt (just a little cheaper, as I bought some supplies in bulk). I have spent the time to personalize whenever possible, and to try to not only be useful, but also thoughtful. I’m soooo excited and hopeful about these gifts. I managed to get some good shots of gifts today, but as they are going to go to readers of this blog, I can’t post them yet.
making things for my children has also been incredibly fun. I don’t know why it never occured to me before, but it is possible (and not TOO difficult) to MAKE good toys for your own children! so now I’m on a total doll/plush-stuffed-toy kick. I’ve showed off the robin hood/maid marion/gnome already, but here’s a doll I’m working on (she’ll be about a foot tall, with “nutmeg” colored hair (the closest I could get to The Bean’s current hair color of medium brown):

I”m REALLY tired, but it feels wierd and wrong and voodoo-y to go to sleep, leaving a doll with a needle and thread stabbed into her. MUST FINISH!

she’s got pins in her hips, her neck, her ankles, and armpits. that can’t be a comfortable way to sleep!

I’m sort of dreading making the doll clothes for this one. Mostly because OBVIOUSLY I will need to make my daughter something matching. I think though, for now, this doll will only have 1 dress. my daughter is too young to understand changing clothes, etc… that can wait a few years. oh, but the pressure of choosing a single outfit might be too much for me. sigh.

these little flower fairies are watching my progress. That’s Cherry Blossom on the left, then Holly Berry, then Violet. Snowdrop is missing, and Table Daisy, Morning Glory[my own design], and Daffodil are WIPs right now. Holly Berry needs some hair, but I was too lazy to pull out my embroidery basket to find the right shade. I’m thinking she’ll get black hair. I just *can’t* do all the dolls blond/blue-eyed as they came. Cherry Blossom has green eyes now, and the other two here have brown. vast improvement, if you ask me! [and a good reason to make your own toys: they can MATCH your children!]

my poor cranky husbie is working late too! owning your own business means never taking time off. he’s such a wonderful wonderful man. I’m feeling extra grateful tonight for some reason. maybe because I have such a special gift planned for him. (and a pair of socks, if I can finish them in time! wish me luck!)