I spent HOURS making the Bean this waldorf doll. HOURS and HOURS. Of
course, those hours did not include time to make the doll any clothes.
I had gran plans to make them matching purple courderoy overalls and
frilly blue an purple shirts, but that totally didn't happen. So at
10pm Xmas eve, I had a BRILlANT idea: make a bandana dress (there are
millions of tires for these on the Internet, SO fast and easy), using
vintage ladies handkerchiefs! They were the perfect size! Honestly, I
used two of my least favorites; I figure they'll be worn out soon
enough. The bean IS only 1, after all. (I'm saving my favorites to
make a pretty quilt, in which the hankies are turned into
butterflies… Someday).
I have to say, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! I used yarn
instead of ribbon for lacing the top…
Oh, and I go the BEST present EVER: the last pic here shows what my
Gram brought me today. It's an aqua courduroy coat/hat with cream
cotton lace trim. She made it for my aunt when they lived in
Washington, D.C., 62 YEARS AGO!!! Then another aunt used it after that!
Gram said it was one of the first things she ever sewed, she spent
FIVE whole dollars on the fabric, and it's fully lined. She pointed
out that at the time, she could buy a pound of hamburger, GOOD
hamburger, for 15 cents, so five dollars was quite a lot to spend on
fabric for a baby's coat.
Clearly worth it though, since it's about to be used on the 3rd baby
in 62 years. I'll take good pics with a real camera tomorrow. Or the
day after.

Merry Christmas!!!