I’m about to leave for a week-long road-trip with my dad and kiddos; C has to stay and work. 🙁

I made this trip-packing list up a few years ago, then added a baby one, then a kid one.
they’re just simple word docs, but OH SO HELPFUL! I print out 1 for each adult, kid, baby, fill in the blanks with things that I know I need, and THEN pack, following the #s, items listed. If there’s a category that I definitely don’t need, I delete it before printing (no fancy events on this trip, so I don’t need any of the dressy outfits or shoes or accessories this time, but I DO need to pack some little hostess gifts, so I’ll just switch them out).
If you like them, feel free to download them and save them to your computer, to use every time you go on a trip.
there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel after all, although, feel free to IMPROVE upon it!