we got our cards today, so I suppose I should be addressing them, but I want to just do one big post office trip at the end of the week, so I need to finish presents in there somewhere…

My camera is in the back of my husband’s car, so I missed a billion awesome shots today. boo. But I made a dear (and a deer that is actually a bulldog… good thing it was a muslin!), I made houses (still haven’t glued on the snow, but at least the houses are made (thanks C!) and the fabric is stuck on. They’ve been in use since the moment they were shaped, so in my defense, awfully hard to hotglue yarn when they’re full of trains and children!
I”m working on lots of little sewing projects right now, shirts, pants, headbands, aprons, fairies, etc.
and coming up with brilliant ideas while I sew.
Like making a felt Tomten to go with the book…
so tonight I’m experimenting with Kool-aid dye. I love the bright colors. but I need brownish- grey felt for the body. I mixed full packets of blue and yellow, and 1/2 a red… it’s sorta a weird color, but it might work. we’ll see.
I am using the remaining red (strawberry?) to make some pink felt to make more little flower fairy dolls… I flipping LOVE them. So far I’m planning a blue morning glory one… and with this dark pink… Maybe something totally SoCal, like bougainvillea? not sure exactly what she’ll be, but these things are SO much fun to make!