Knit news

Something about knitting makes me want to alliterate.Anyway. I made these wool diaper soaker pants last weekend. I don't love the fit, so I'm gonna rework the pattern, but I love the IDEA of them. And they work fine, I just want them to be perfect. And pretty. So the next ones will be bright […]

The 7-Day Afghan Book

I just paid $2 for this book at my library booksale (also got A Treasury of Amish Quilts for a buck!) because I found THIS:

D’s pig-pig shirt

Neither of us could resist this fabric Look at all the piggies! I used a print that looks like old stone or brick to do the cuffs and mandarin collar/collar placket.D loves the story of the three little pigs, so I wanted to make this inspired by, but not literal…hopefully he’ll want to wear it […]

D’s shark shirt

he asked for it for his birthday… so here it is, only 3 months late! i did a boatneck with epaulets that button down (he had a giant head and needs lots of space to get his head through. and contrasting cuffs… his papa is partial to french cuffs, so this is the simple version.

it happens to all of us.

i’m working on a pants pattern for my 11mo girl that is small enough to be like leggings on her crawling legs, but big enough to fit over her giant cloth diapered bum. so a few nights ago, I made these. does anything look odd? well, one leg is right side out, and one is […]

Blueberry Mint Lemonade

Recipe! make mint syrup (following Emeril’s recipe here, but using however many mint leaves come in a package at Trader Joes… maybe 1/2 a cup, fluffed up?), and pour into an ice cue tray (although, after 2 days, still not icy, more like a gel… oh well, helps keep it divided and ready to go). […]

good uses for scraps:

making signal flags for trains! i used tacky glue to put this little scrap (about 1×2″) on a twig for D and his trains.

Last present for gram…

I just made this rose brooch/pin/thing with the quilt scraps from her quilt. I'll try to take better pics tomorrow.

my bag prototype

I’m working on making my dream diaper bag… cool straps, lots of pockets, super roomy… other side has a zipper pocket with a flap… i love the super bright lining.