grandma’s quilt and flowers

it still trips me out to realize that these gorgeous blooms are made from paper bags. crazy! I made the prairie points using my 2″ Quick Points ruler. very cool the bean likes it too! here’s the underside, where you still can’t really see the cool quilting i did… hmmm

more grandma!

so i made this for D…. and then made this for my grandma (who’s about to leave for a month touring the black sea) and a matching non-flowery one for her boyfriend…

cool cards

my new favorite card method!free motion stitched! I lightly pencil the line to write on so i’m roughly straight, but then free-motion the actual phrase… i like leaving the thread… here’s the view from the inside of the card

my view

I walked the kids to the library yesterday after noon… this is the view from the library driveway… it’s not super fashionable to have a harbor view (as opposed to an ocean view), but i really love the colors and the lights and the movement…


So proud of myself!I used 2 of my birthday books tonight to make a pattern an then make this sample shirt. I just used scrap fabric, to test it, but I think d will like it anyway. Or maybe I'll add sparkle and give it to agirl for a bday present.I was thinking of putting […]

Birthday bouquet!

Aren't they so pretty! 11 paper bag roses, made from 6 paper bags (I have leftover painted bags, can probably make 6 more, but not tonight, it's late, and I've burned too many fingers on my glue gun!). I followed the pattern in "Fanciful Paper Flowers" which I borrowed from the library. I also used […]


Shaped, curled, and ready for assembly!

So many petals!

Making a birthday bouquet for my grandma… Lots of petals!

D’s travel pillow!

I got the directions from here, and knew immediately that I needed to make one for D. he chose the wonky owl to be the animal on it, which I made for him several months ago from an old sweater and some scrap fabric. Luckily I had green minkee left over from making pillow cases […]

C was crafty too!

Instead of paying $250 for this train, C and D made their own! (and D got people to put in his! and even with ordering the people and wheels and axels, and buying hook&eye fastners at Home Depot, we only spent about $20, with leftover wheels to make MORE cars!) there are plans to make […]