make mint syrup (following Emeril’s recipe here, but using however many mint leaves come in a package at Trader Joes… maybe 1/2 a cup, fluffed up?), and pour into an ice cue tray (although, after 2 days, still not icy, more like a gel… oh well, helps keep it divided and ready to go).
1 mint syrup ice cube (add more to taste, but my husband likes just a little, although the lemonade at Lemonade had enough mint to be mojito-like. super yummy)
1 6oz package of blueberries (or raspberries, equally good!), mashed or blended (and strained, if you want, but i like seeds and skin in my lemonade)
Lemonade! (this works either by adding to store bought concentrated lemonade, or by adding to homemade lemons)
my personal lemonade recipe is completely done by taste.
My gram has a very sweet lemon tree, so i squeeze the lemons (usually about 5), add the same amount of water and
1/2 the amount of sugar (so if i got a cup of juice, i would add 1 c water and 1/2 c sugar), then keep adding sugar and water to taste…
stir and sip, over crushed ice!
* Semi-homemade recipe! I just made it with a can of frozen lemonade concentrate, and 1 generous cup of frozen blueberries, and 3 ice cubes worth of frozen mint syrup, and it’s AMAZING (and faster and cheaper)!

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  1. ramona-
    thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog. to answer your question i haven't tried stitching this particular rosette. i am currently making a tutorial for another type of flower where you actually stitch it onto fabric. i haven't tried washing the flowers, i don't know that you would need to. checking back later for that yum looking recipe!

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