i’m working on a pants pattern for my 11mo girl that is small enough to be like leggings on her crawling legs, but big enough to fit over her giant cloth diapered bum.

so a few nights ago, I made these.

does anything look odd? well, one leg is right side out, and one is inside out.

I, honestly-without-exagerating-at-all, (even though I love exageration), ripped the leg seams 3 (THREE!!!)times, (and it was serged, so it takes a while to rip out!), before giving up and just sewing them wrong.

the problem was that the pants have a VERY definite back-front difference, so I couldn’t just fake it and sew them right sides together. And since they ARE just to test the pattern, I decided that I couldn’t possibly do it a 4th time.

I’m still not sure what happened, each time I was so sure it would be right.


just thought i should post to prove that i’m not infallible… we all need reminders sometimes, right?