Something about knitting makes me want to alliterate.
Anyway. I made these wool diaper soaker pants last weekend. I don't
love the fit, so I'm gonna rework the pattern, but I love the IDEA of
them. And they work fine, I just want them to be perfect. And pretty.
So the next ones will be bright turquoise with some fair isle on it.
D wants the Bean to be a green monster for Halloween, but he didn't
like the scary monsters I found online, so I have to figure out how to
make her a goofy green monster. I have lots of green minkee plush
still, so I'm thinking of making a horned- hooded green suit with an
appliqued face on the butt (so she'll be a two-headed monster… I'm
inspired by the purple two-headed muppet on sesame street)