Overwhelmed by WIP's Wednesday...

I had to take a blood test at the Dr this morning, and took some quilty books to look at while waiting for the hour to pass... As I did so, I reminded myself that I have several unfinished projects... I made a list... this is stuff that's already been cut/started (but just fabric/yarn purchased/saved doesn't count)

it's a little overwhelming, and on top of the fact that I failed my glucose test, (and therefore have to go back sometime soon for the 4 hour test, which is HORRIBLE), I'm feeling a little overwhelmed (or maybe just whelmed, since it means the EXACT same thing as overwhelmed. English makes no sense.).

So, I decided to start with garage-ing the fabrics I have plans for, but are as yet still yardage. to clear some space in my cutting area.

In doing so, I found a box o' blocks from the Modify Tradition QAL, however many years ago that was... I think I need to whip this out into a quilt top so I can be done with it....


but they're all different sizes, so I have to figure that out... I have lots of Kona in Ruby, and some more of that red floral that's in every block....


I also found this baby quilt top... not sure why it was abandoned, but it needs to be quilted and gifted to some little baby girl pronto.


here's my list....

I'm gonna try to get some of the easier things done quickly, so I can shorten this list.

painting the roses: aqua, white, glacier, curry (piecing) C negroni shirt (sew) butterfly quilt (on red) grandmother's fan/dresden (piecing) Summer Sampler (piecing) Modify Tradition (make into top) crockett monster pants (knit) D pirate sweater (knit) afgahn (crochet) (need to find hook) hexy sweater (crochet) (NEED TO FIND) Xmas swoon Tangerine Tango (paper piecing) Windmill quilt (hand quilting 1/2 done) found baby quilt (needs back and quilting) floral embroidery quilt dad quilt (needs quilting) Postage Stamp (needs back and quilting) D raincoat (need to sew now that I have buttons)

Market time


I got my postage stamp quilt top done just in time. Quilting it will have to wait till June, as I've been informed that the craze of market has begun. This week I have to paper piece a quilt top:


Design, sew, and write the pattern for a duvet cover; make a clutch bag or 2; make a pair of ladies shorts, and a pair of reversible baby pants; design, sew, and write the pattern for a sewing machine cover; make some free-motion-quilting samples; write up the pattern for that lift-the-flap bunting quilt; sew a shop sample and write the pattern for that hobo bag I designed, and, um, maybe that's it (other than maintaining my house, homeschooling, etc).


So here's a gratuitous beauty shot of my postage stamps. Just because. I'll post sneaky shots when I can, but y'all can expect a deluge of posts after market at the end of May!


image Here's the quilt for our baby boy, as designed by me and the Bean.


C bought me an early birthday present, a walking foot, so this was my first time using it. LOVE.


here's the back, pieced with scraps.


here's the oops on the back. just so I don't get a swelled head.


here's the folded pretty sitting on the porch...


and the original idea behind both quilts: I cut all these little triangles off as waste from the roof tops when I made this quilt, (Obvi I'm greedier than Angela, as I kept every little bit of these scraps!) and so I sewed them all together, and thought it would make a fun baby quilt, so I ran with it, and now we have 2 matching boy quilts in the house. perfect.

This one measures 50x50 (ish, i'm totally guestimating) and will be for the baby, NOT D.

also for the baby:


these soon-to-be pants. hopefully done by the end of the week.


Quilters Linen Chopsticks quilt



I finished this one late at night, so only have midnight pics. The purple and tan quilters linen from last week got turned into this quilt. Chopsticks by Jaybird Quilts. I <_3 quilters="quilters" linen.="linen." oh="oh" and="and" the="the" _2nd="_2nd" pic="pic" is="is" back.="back." its="its" gonna="gonna" be="be" a="a" farewell="farewell" signature="signature" quilt="quilt" for="for" peeps="peeps" at="at" rk.="rk." _="_" p="p">

Weekend prep...

I'm super excited (and grateful) to get to go away for a sewing weekend with some friends (and some hopefully-soon-to-be-friends that I've never met)... I have lots of plans of what I'm going to work on, so to make things go more smoothly (and make sure I bring the right supplies/amounts), I've been pre-cutting here, and sewing up sample blocks...


I really want to use the Greenfield Hill fabric, and am thinking of making a postage stamp quilt with it....


this one will actually be sewn with solids, but I wanted to check my triangle math with scraps before I cut into the yardage...


and the grey/green will be using up a charm pack of Silent Cinema....

of COURSE, I also have 2 other quilts to piece, and 1 to baste/quilt, and a knitting project, so wish me luck!!!!


Baby boy quilt-in-progress, take 2

First, she sorted...

(Well, first I sewed, THEN she sorted)

Then we played.


This one is much smaller, probably 45x55, so it'll actually be for the baby. But it's the same fabric line as D's quilt, so they'll coordinate. Cause clearly my house is all about coordination (not!) C just ordered me an early birthday present, a walking foot, so I think this quilt will be my test drive, when it arrives...

Finished quilt...

image D requested the black sashing with yellow (perle cotton) stitching to simulate roads....


I pieced the back with the leftover big pieces....


It's not super noticeable, because I switched thread color A LOT, but each block is FMQ'ed differently... sort of a practice sampler for me...


the different quilting is most noticeable from the back, but I think I like it....


It definitely works on D's bed....




even the kitties approve!

Tangerine Tango WIP

20120208-191753.jpg I don't think I'll meet the March deadline for the Tangerine Tango Challenge, but I'm having fun working with these paper pieced bits.

I wasn't sure I'd like it, because basting isn't super fun, but I've got a bunch basted now, and I like whip stitching them together, and I LOVE taking out the basting and papers... So I think I'm gonna finish it.

20120208-192100.jpg I have this cool multilayer box that I use to carry all my supplies in... Ps: Radiator (D's kitten) fully approves of an orange quilt.

Valentine blocks!

20120204-202724.jpg I pieced the valentines blocks for the teacher-gift bags I'm hoping to make tomorrow. I actually took a long nap, so I have energy to keep going, but I wanna photograph the steps, so I have to wait till tomorrow. But I got the blocks done, so I'm counting it a a done project.

20120204-202957.jpg I bought a little of this heart fabric at Sew Modern last week, and LOVE it. As does the Bean. Expect to see more.


A sweet birthday present...

20120204-103738.jpg We've got some little girl birthdays coming up, so I decided to use some of my Anne Kelle lollipop and ice cream cone scraps (I think... It's all a blur from market) with some random other scraps to work on this zippered bag idea again...

20120204-104050.jpg Last time the zipper was too high, this time it's too low, but I'm getting closer.

20120204-104242.jpg I think I'll do one more... Just to make it perfect. Now I have to figure out what to stuff inside the bag....

Beach School baby blanket

20120202-213740.jpg Here's another item up for auction(made at retreat). The fabric is most of a Remix charm pack, (arranged so helpfully by Lori), bordered in Kona White, and again with backing supplied by the always wonderful Liberty. (It's a Riley Blake dot print), bound in a pretty Kona aqua color... I quilted it in double diagonal lines (thanks for the brilliant suggestion, Hollie), with (Hollie's) variegated thread... I love love love it.



Beach School placemats

Robert Kaufman donated some awesome stuff for the fundraiser at my kids' school... An old (but unused) market quilt, some aprons, and some fabric precuts. As far as I know (and it's a small school, so I do know), I'm the only one who sews. So I took the pre-cuts to the guild retreat, and made some stuff. Here's a set of 4 placemats made from a charm pack... each is 12 charm squares (I supplemented with some Kona solids)



they're bound in Kona Espresso, (because I still have random pieces of that left over from my Cathedral Windows quilt), and Liberty was awesome enough to share this fantastic strawberry fabric that was JUST the right color scheme. She had enough for all of them, which is super awesome.



I quilted them all the same way, 1/4" (ish) from the seams, all the way across every way, like a grid, basically.


definitely not a color scheme I would choose, but I'm proud of them, nonetheless. Hopefully they'll do well at the school auction. The 4 look really good altogether.




I'm recovering from my all-nighter last night (3 hours counts as zero hours, according to my friend Jenny), but last night and today were TOTALLY worth it.Thus afternoon was the monthly weekend sew for my guild, which is always a good time. I got all the blocks cut and pieced for the Drunkards Path baby quilt. (I'll piece the blocks together tomorrow), but this morning was the coolest class ever. The lovely ladies behind Prints Charming (and the book Sew Charming) flew in from Australia to introduce their new fabric line with Kokka, and they taught an AMAZING embroidery workshop at Sew Modern. I'm fairly decent at embroidery, but it's always cool to learn different techniques, and I'm OH so glad I did. I know how to embroider a blanket stitch, but they know how to USE it:

20111015-230415.jpg Ditto with the chain/lazy daisy stitch:

20111015-230608.jpg Their color and designs were CRAZY cool:

20111015-230757.jpg We all got a pretty linen panel to practice on, so here's my start:

20111015-231009.jpg (from the top: runningstitch, bullion and French knots, back stitch, couching stitch, chain stitch. Clearly I need to be more bold with my color choices. Hopefully I'll be able to loosen up a bit and really go crazy on this panel... Now it off to bed with me. I won the Long Arm package (class and supplies) at the 2nd Anniversary celebration for the guild, and tomorrow's my first class.

Excited is not emphatic enough! Goodnight!

Quilt in progress


I finished the Asian print quilt last night, but I have these pics of the process to share. The quilt pattern is Seville by CluckCluckSew, and it is GORGEOUS.160 little (2") HSTs, fitted into larger blocks, totally worth it. My cathedral windows quilt is a little bit challenging as a design wall, but look how pretty it looks, especially with a fluffy kitty on top.