ok, more dusting

… yeah… it’s been a while. You know when you think you’ll do something, and then it’s been so long that it’s almost too embarrassing? mhmmm. That’s where I’ve been. I can’t just blame covid, it looks like I’ve been neglecting this space since 2015? (I tried to find a quilt I made a long […]

Dusting off YE OLDE BLOG

Boy Howdy, its been a minute! But nothing says “I’m bored, quarentine-fatigued, and missing human connection” like remembering that once upon a time (pre-instagram, obv) you had a blog, and maybe you should try that again… so here I am life update: kids are bigger (ages 14, 11.75, and 8, as of this writing), still […]

Speedy Zip Dress Pattern!

I just added a new PDF pattern to the shop, the SpeedyZip Dress, (named by my kiddos). it started like this: but that neckline was too big. so I tried this (with Zoe Ingram’s Carried Away fabrics): she loved it so much that every single picture of her in it is blurry as she dances […]


I *FINALLY* did it! I built a little store here on my site! I know it seems like a little thing, but OMG was it hard for me. (the big coupon is all used up, but please use BLOGREADER for 20% off all the time! Thank you so much for your support!)

Happy New Year!

I’m the luckiest girl in the whole world, and my amazingly talented husband makes me occasional videos (theoretically every Xmas and birthday, but life often gets in the way). I just got the one for this year, and I LOVE IT. So I’m sharing it here, so y’all can see it too. (click here to […]

Dress for my butterfly

  I had some pretty lawn, and an idea, so late Sunday night, I drafted a quick pattern, and whipped this out. She loved how light and cool it was. I’ll hem it before she wears it again, and next time, I’ll put some piping to accentuate the curved top. Or use contrasting fabrics, or […]

Sew.Quilt.Give June blocks: Roundtrip

  Directions for making 8×8″ unfinished blocks If desired, start by improving some side panels. Side panels will be 8 x 3.75, so make something bigger than that that can be trimmed down.   cut the pieces 2 green side panels that measure 8 x 3.75, and one black or dark grey Road strip that […]

Sneak Preview

The price will be rising after the weekend, but here’s the sneak peak if you want to get it early! Source: BouncyFlouncy Dress via RamonaRose on Craftsy