Trading Funbots

  It's Quilt Market prep time around here, hence the radio silence.

I was asked to design some stuffed robots based on Ann Kelle's new Funbots... (click over to see the line, then check out D and my robot:



pipe-cleaners for hands means he can hold things!



this 6 year old boy is VERY happy with my test-robot.



He didn't like my suggestion that it be a pincushion/seam-ripper holder. He disappeared for a few minutes, and came back with this:



it's a Seam ripper & pin Holder *Made by Darren*



I don't think I will use it to store loose pins, but it IS possibly the most thoughtful gift he's ever given me, so it will be kept for EVAH.



but I might need to make another little bot as a sewing machine mascot. SO CUTE, right?



I made the same robot in 5 sizes, from teeny, (shown above, measuring 4" ) to GIANT:


pattern coming soon!





I'm making some robot toys for the Robert Kaufman spring quilt market booth. They're completely inspired by Ann Kelle's Funbot fabric. And BOY ARE THEY FUN!


This boy gets bonkers everything he gets to help play with them as I make them.


They completely bring out his inner silly.


(His #amineko, Green, is in for the fun too)


He thinks we need to make another one that's even BIGGER.


So that's what i'll be doing tonight.: )


With his "help" stuffing. Of course.

A boy doll for the Bean's boy...

My daughter's love is a little boy called Pickle (fate, right?). For his birthday she and I decided he needed a boy doll so he didn't always have to play with the girl dolls. She chose the Eddie doll from Wee Wonderfuls, and we made it yesterday and today. I used the scraps from the t-shirt I made for D to make Eddie's shirt. The Bean chose everything else. image




Penny the penguin (and Peter Pan)

Peter is up first... 20111117-065105.jpg


I read about this Eraser Clay on Remarkably Domestic, and my kiddos love those weird little erasers, so I thought this clay would be fun for them. I made this Peter Pan (with a pink feather, because red isn't an option) at D's request. You can see the crayons in the background for some idea of scale. he's quite small. clearly I need more practice, but he's pretty cute, if I do say so myself. haven't tested the erasing quality yet. but that's ok.

I also made this on tuesday:




isn't he cute?!?!?! I totally faked it, so he's not perfect, but I'm pretty proud of him. D and I were looking for a "papa present" (usually a coffee mug) for him to give C for xmas, and found these penguin ornaments. he wanted. I balked at the price/weird eyes; so I knit (knitted?)!


I knit him flat, with leftover yarn scraps, and then sewed him up the back... He measures like 3 inches tall/ maybe 4? clearly I need to go measure him sometime.... but not now.

here he is waving hello to you:





of course, the problem with having 2 kids is that when you make something for one of  them, the other one wants one too.

so I made an Emperor penguin for the Bean. Now I have notes on how to make them, so I can hopefully make 1 more and post a pattern/tutorial. It's pretty easy, but it takes almost as much sewing as knitting....

OH, and the kiddos are both insisting that THEIR penguin is named Penny, just like the penguin in the Magic Tree House books. I hate uncreative names, but there's no point in arguing. therefore, meet Penny and Penny, the penguins.


I'm thinking of making a red one and a yellow one for the kiddo's preschool teachers...

both kids slept with them last night. it was totally cute.


Spring Top, more animals, more roses

I whipped this sucker out in 2 hours tonight. LOVE IT. I used the pattern from the new issue of STITCH magazine (though I tweaked it a bit)... the turquoise is a rayon/spandex tissue jersey remnant from Joanns, and the eyelet is an AMAZING silk cotton from Mood. (I treated myself to a stop there today, since I drove past it TWICE to have lunch with the kiddos and C's dad)...

I have a whole day left to photograph it for real and enter it in the contest!

of course, it needed a rose to really make it awesome... luckily for me, I have plenty of fabric roses!

fabric and felt! (and a kitty, hiding in there, see him?)

now do you see him? this is the felt version of Kieran, the darkest kitty ever. I'd photograph him more, but he's very very dark, and always very sleepy, so all you'd see is a dark blob... (the brown bits lower left are going to be Guinness (our dog, not the beer), hopefully tomorrow night...)

and here's Babe, the Gallant Pig. We just finished reading it (D and I both LOVED it, he wants to start it again RIGHT NOW), so he needed his own Babe...

I've been doing 1 toy per night, and then having me time for the rest of the night... tonight was the pig and top, last night was the roses and kieran... and tomorrow afternoon, my husbie comes home!

he's been gone for most of the month, so we're pretty excited to see him... i just have to figure out how to keep sane in the am... we can't leave for the airport till at least 1:45, and D is DYING to see his papa....

Easter basket and eggs...

pink stripes for the bean

blue stripes for D

eggs for both!

10 eggs done, 25 to go, and both baskets done. I loved making the
baskets, but they're really small. I might need to make more, larger....
I'm gonna try wet felting some eggs tomorrow, and I need to put faces
on the bunnies for the kiddos. And make them Easter outfits. (Even though we're not religious, and therefore don't really "need" the traditional Easter dress-up thing...)
Am thinking of sewing a shirt for D with a stencil of "Milo the Really
Big Bunny"

A birthday bunny for Tutu!

C's grandma's birthday is right around Easter, and she LOVES bunnies, and she's an avid golfer...

I saw a teeny scrap of this golf ball print at M&L last week (about 1/8 of a yard), and bought it to make it into SOMETHING for Tutu, and then realized it would make the cutest toy bunny for her...

I used this pattern, and some repro-feedsack fabric in light blue floral (her favorite color)...

the pattern was super easy, I definitely recommend it if you want to whip something up for Easter... all told, it took about an hour and a half, and I LOVE the result!

Some kiddo Xmas presents

I don't remember if I mentioned it here or not, but a few weeks back the Urban Craft Center celebrated their 1st anniversary with a RIDICULOUS sale. The Weir doll kits were 75% off, which made them all under $10 (some were like $3... I wish I'd gotten more, they would make awesome b-day presents... )

I got the woodsman/maiden kit of fairytale folk, b/c my 3yo son LOVES robin hood... I know waldorf means that its supposed to be neutral, but right now, D wants Robin Hood, and I want Waldorf. Hopefully we'll both be happy with this one...

These are the dolls as they came out. The dude is supposed to have a brown hat with a leaf, but the kit doesn't have enough brown to do a full hat, so I'll have to find my brown felt tomorrow. I added feet-ish bottoms to their legs; I thought the legs in the pattern looked weirdly stumpy. I hate my faces, but overall am pleased with the finished products; hopefully D will love them.

I also got this knitted dwarf kit (which I will be calling a gnome, b/c my son also loves a garden gnome down the street). My daughter just turned 1, and got lots of dolls. My son, of course, now wants to play dolls. I have NO problem with this, except that other people DO have problems with boys carrying around pink baby dolls and caring for them. I'm hoping this gnome gives him something to carry and love without being treated oddly. I love that he loves, and want to nurture that wonderful side of my little boy for as long as I possibly can.

here's the finished product. Isn't it awesome! it fully lived up to my hopes. I switched in a different yarn (scrap) that PERFECTLY matches D's eye color, instead of making blue eyes... this green-y eye color is one of the more unique things about my gorgeous son...

I have one more Weir doll to make, for the Bean this time (I've already made her a little cuddle doll that *goes* with the bigger doll, as yet unmade), and I have 4 kits from De Witte Engel that I'm going to cut out tomorrow. I wish I had more. SOOOOO amazingly beautiful/cute/wonderful.

Clearly I need to make another trip to the Urban Craft Center in January to buy more of these little darlings...