How I spin multi-points.

Hey Lindsey, this is how I spin my triangle points. 1. I figure out how to sew 1/2 the block (so I have a straight 180 line.) (sample quickly made with leftover bunting triangles, so they're not perfect, but they were already cut and near my machine).

Finger press (or iron press, but I'm too lazy) all the seams the same direction (here, to the right side of the points).


2. Make the other half, and again, press all the seams the same way. (to the right of the points, in the example, but left works too!)


3. Sew the 2 halves together, locking the center lumps as you sew so the points stay sharp. Note the lump in the middle.


4. Use your seam ripper to gently separate your little dog ears in the middle, so that all the seams are going the same way. you might have to unpick a stitch or two , but it's easy.


see how now, all the seams are going the same way?

5. press with your regular iron. you'll have perfect points. (this picture does NOT show a pressed block, just the right side of the block. press if you actually want perfect points).


Modern Bliss

I used some scraps from sewing up a Modern Bliss lap quilt to make a little mug rug: image

I'm taking a Craftsy class (strip paper piecing) to improve my skills, and this was one of the blocks in the class. I feel much more confidant with my paper piecing now, and am bummed that I've now done all the blocks. I might need to get a paper piecing pattern book (suggestions welcome)...


(this is the back. I'm loving wide binding on the back right now)


I put lots and lots of quilted rays on this one. the whole finished block is 7.5", so it's quite small.  A little bit of sunshine in perfect weather right now.

I also used some bits to make a little dress for the Bean. she's so funny, because she's super girly and pink and wants dresses, but also climbs trees and roars when I ask her to pose. LOVE her. (also love that she's tiny enough to make clothes for from scraps)


Merry Xmas to me!!!

I've had an industrial Singer straight stitch garment machine for years, and it sits in my living room and is used daily. But I can't quilt on it. I also have a Bernina Artista 730 which I DO quilt on, but only small stuff.

um. I don't do a lot of small stuff.

I have 3?4? queen or bigger tops just waiting for quilting. So, for the past several months, I've been researching sewing/quilting machines, and trying to find a solution. Most people seem to love their Janine Horizons, but I LOVE front or side loading bobbins, not drop in. Like, its a deal breaker for me.

Won't do drop ins.

Then my super talented friend Janice of Better Off Thread bought a Juki TL2000, and my mind was blown. Absolutely everything I want at a price I can (almost) afford. I ordered it yesterday (I got the 2010Q, floor model from Sewing Machines Plus), and because they're only like a hundred miles away, even with (free) ground shipping it arrived today!


I grabbed a stack of 2" squares (leftovers from Fall Quilt Market 2011), stitched them together (only 4 leftover), then put on my walking foot and went to town. The stitching is almost too perfect. Like, it looks storebought/factory made, which is kinda great, but not my style. Maybe I'll turn it into a wall hanging for my daughter's preschool? Or just a doll quilt? (Suggestions welcome!) I'm ridiculously excited. I'm gonna do a baby quilt tomorrow night, and then try to quilt one of my giants on Saturday. :)




Baby Crockett at the Circus

image I really really love the fabrics Marie Perkins of Print and Pattern does for Robert Kaufman.  LOVE.

As soon as I saw the mock-ups for The Circus, I got inspired. I got the fabrics, and cut them up in July? June? no clue. OMG it was tedious cutting. I totally lost steam.


But when I went on the LAMQG retreat last month, I was reinspired, and whipped out this top in an hour or so (hence the imperfect points. oh well).


the back is just as fun as the front!


and he likes it a LOT. it makes him extra wiggly!

(finished quilt measures about 44x60?)

Scrappy Radiance for the Bean

sooo, remember that Radiance baby blanket? here's a bigger one, traditionally pieced (ie, not "quilted as I went"), basted, and quilted. image

i made it using a 1/2 yard bundle of 7 (i think) shades of pink/wine.


I purposefully was a little sloppy/scrappy making this, sewing some pieces wrong side up, not perfectly squaring up the pieced blocks, etc, because I wanted to see if the quilting and washing would cover any flaws that beginners might make working with such silky fabrics.


I quilted a different "flower" design in each block, per my daughter's instructions, except for the blocks in which I quilted her name... (below, you can see Fiona quilted in the bright pink block)


it does fray more than regular cotton, so raw edges on a garment or something need to be well finished, but I'm not too worried since it's quilted down....


it's backed with corduroy, and SO very lucious and soft, and the mistakes are ALL INVISIBLE.

I LOOOOOVE Radiance and can't wait to work with it more!!!

LAMQG scrap swap

Our October (or maybe september) LAMQG swap was a scrap swap. I was lucky enough to get scraps from my friend Nicole, and one day, while looking at the scraps, I noticed that they all went well with this peachy-pink Essex Linen that I had. so I sewed up the pieces into little bits of patchy-goodness, and made all three sizes of Open-Wide pouches by Noodlehead. image

I love that they nest


each is slightly different, but still awesome.


the tiniest squares are 1". the biggest are 2"




Block of the day

it seems like journalling is becoming a thing these days, and part of me wants to jump right in and play along, either with lists or special books or whatever, but another part of me remembers the Project Life album I requested 4 years ago that remains unopened, etc, and thinks perhaps something simpler would be better.... so last night I was looking at journals online (because I rarely listen to the latter part of me, I'm all impulse), and saw some 365 book, advising how to do a project for 365 days.... and a lightbulb lit up So here's my quilt block of the day (for yesterday):


center is a Cosmo print scrap from my dress, text is Architextures, by Carolyn Freidlander (coming soon by RK). Block measures 4.5" square, and took 3 minutes. this fabric combo made me so happy at 11pm last night.

My goal is to do one block every day, with scraps that are on my cutting table. On crazy busy days, I might just cut 2.5" squares, on relaxed days, I might make a more intense 8.5" block.... I'm gonna to it magic # style... at the end of the year, I'll see what it looks like, and maybe turn it into a quilt... or maybe just at the end of the month?

Does anyone want to play with me? (cough cough, Liberty, I'm thinking of you)


I'm trying to figure out how/where to stop on my Tangerine Tango EPP top. image

not the side, just the edges....

In theory, every hex should have a square on each side, and then triangles to fill the gaps...


If I only do completed hexies, though, 2 of the sides have these hugely uneven edges:


and since the other two edges look so cool, I'm just not sure what to do.


So maybe I need to add in the squares, and then cut them into right triangles to make a straight edge on those sides?



catch up.

Sooo, it was really hot, and I was knitting a lot, and I wound up having to take my knitting to the hospital, and finishing it there, while holding this little dude.

and then I came home, and made a quilt,

but totally forgot to take better pics of it before giving it away.... but I used Angela's brilliant book, and tried lots of different quilting on it...

(this is after it's been through the washer and dryer to make it cuddly)

I tested out my sleep sack size

made a couple more, in these lovely new fabrics...

My sleep sack in VROOM and Bonny Bloom Flannel

finally finished the top of my summer sampler

using Kona colors: White, Coral, Cerise, Crocus, Curry, and Aqua (say that 10 times fast!)

I'm MADLY in love with my micro-sashing. MADLY.

now I'm trying to figure out how to quilt the behemoth I made for my dad, and to decide on the quilt back for the above quilt, and to catch up on my Handstitched quilt, etc....

and Fall Market prep starts next week...


I'm trying to knock stuff off my to-do list (so that I can justify adding to it!) first up was this found quilt top...


I used leftovers from the new Lazy Daisy Baskets line, by Darlene Zimmerman, with this cute Mother Goose panel... I like the back better than the front....


...probably because the front has this CREEPY naked baby print. Not sure what I was thinking (actually, I'm pretty sure I was just trying to use it up)


It's quilted with a square spiral radiating from the center, and it's bound in leftovers from the back, and even the batting was 3 pieces zig-zagged together. and it's done. so that's off the list.

Next up, using the Modify Tradition blocks I made however many years ago.


I kept the ones with mistakes, and figured out how to piece them together (with lots of Kona white), even though blocks varied in size from 6" to 16" (intentionally)...

I quilted in the white with red perle cotton, and stitched in the ditch in the blocks with white-on-top, red-on-the-bottom, because that's what was loaded in my industrial.



the Bean liked the biggest block best....


every block has this red print that I also used for the back, (which I STILL have lots of left. trying so hard to use it up!).

The binding is a cute picnic/clambake newsprint fabric (bought yesterday from Sew Modern).

it's intended for picnics, since it's full of mistakes and is very mismatched, but I like it. as do the kiddos, so we'll use it.

so that's 2 things off my WIP list. yay! I'm off to work on the hand quilting of my windmill quilt....