Embroidered Quilt, Block 1

A few weeks ago, at the Long Beach International Quilt Festival, I fell in LOVE with an amazing antique quilt (only $800!) from the 40’s. (Sold by Cindy’s Antique Quilts, though this particular one isn’t on the website) I love the blocks, I love the embroidery, I love the quilting. But I don’t love yellow, […]

Ahhhh, bliss….

It’s a lovely picnic-y day here in San Pedro. The perfect day for a Busy Bee sandwich and a picnic at Averil Park. The perfect day for my mother to walk the children down to the duck pond so I can admire the rubber trees and get a little bit of stitching done.

My shirt..

Cause I’m a selfish seamstress at heart. I used the rose stencil in the Alabama Stitch Book as inspiration, enlarging/drawing it freehand, and then painting it in. LOVE IT!

Alabama Chanin knock-offs

I’m working on bday pressies for my sister. Her birthday is in April. Depending on the website I refer to, her birth flower is either the daisy or the sweet pea. So, I decided to do 1 of each. I found an old daisy papercut stencil from Martha Stewart living (at least 5 years ago), […]

Embroidery hoop picture frame!

I think I’m BRILLIANT!!! OK, so a few months ago, I saw someone doing something like this in their workroom. awesome, right? So when I found this sewing fabric at the Urban Craft Center, I had to get a little, so I could do this my sewing room entrance has a little turn, so you […]