I think I’m BRILLIANT!!!

OK, so a few months ago, I saw someone doing something like this in their workroom. awesome, right?
So when I found this sewing fabric at the Urban Craft Center, I had to get a little, so I could do this
my sewing room entrance has a little turn, so you enter and see a bit of wall/the side of the closet… my loving husband put some nails up for me, and now I have this lovely entrance!
the lowest print is of pins, the big one is spools of thread, and the top is safety pins.
anyway, doing this made me think that I could maybe put some pictures on them…
so I made this:
I took some plastic (cut from the wrapping on D’s new car booster seat, but it’s just regular clear plastic, like sheets come in, or… well, lots of things, I know I’m always throwing stuff like this away, so I decided to use it this time…), and some scrap fabric that was big enough for the hoop… I ironed some interfacing on the fabric to give it a little more body…
I cut the pieces to be about 3/4″ bigger than the pictures, so i’d have 1/4″ seam allowance on 3 sides, plus a little wiggle room. I zigzagged the pieces down on 3 sides, slipped in the pictures, and then sat back.
not nearly as cool as I had imagined.
clearly, it needed MORE!
well, it IS an embroidery hoop, after all:
some lazy daisies (REALLY LAZY!), some stem stitch, some buttons, and about 2 hours of my time later:

isn’t it AWESOME!?!?!?!?
it makes me happy every time I see it hanging in the hallway.
and I can switch in different pictures whenever I want!
I’m working on another one right now, but I don’t have another big frame…
trying to resist driving 40 miles to where I bought this one… probably better to just go to Joanns tomorrow.

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