I’m working on bday pressies for my sister. Her birthday is in April.
Depending on the website I refer to, her birth flower is either the
daisy or the sweet pea. So, I decided to do 1 of each. I found an old
daisy papercut stencil from Martha Stewart living (at least 5 years
ago), and copied the idea, though I drew and then painted freehand, to
make a colar for the peachy-pink shirt. I’ll use powder blue knit for
the appliqué ala Alabama Chanin.
I looked at some pics of sweet peas online, particularly this one, and
then painted freehand on the blue shirt. I’ll appliqué the flowers,
ala Chanin, and just outline stitch some of the leaf/vine details.
I’m excited. I think Im gonna paint a shirt for myself too…. My son
has an ear operation tomorrow, I’ll have 4-5 hours of sitting and
waiting, and I have ADD, so I need lots to keep myself busy. I’m gonna
take a shirt, a skirt, a book, and some crochet. That way I have