A few weeks ago, at the Long Beach International Quilt Festival, I fell in LOVE with an amazing antique quilt (only $800!) from the 40’s. (Sold by Cindy’s Antique Quilts, though this particular one isn’t on the website)

I love the blocks, I love the embroidery, I love the quilting.

But I don’t love yellow, and for that amount, I feel like I should love every single thing about it. (though, let’s be honest, the price alone took it out of the realm of possibility)


my inability to buy it (or find enough pretty embroidery designs in a kit (because this one WAS made from a kit. The floral designs are pre-printed onto the fabric, and the actual embroidery doesn’t always cover the ink) to buy or finish) has kept me up at night.

Therefore, I announce that it is officially time to DIM (do it myself. unless YOU want to do it for me. or for you. let me know if you want my pics, and maybe I’ll do a stitch-a-long/quilt-a-long).

so here’s my first block:

I’m using Kona Black as the background (because I’ve never used black before, except in limited amounts, but I think it’ll make the colors of the flowers pop, and because all the other colors I like to use wouldn’t go well with the flowers).

I’m cutting 9.5″ blocks (I’ve cut 4, used 1, and drawn on one more to prep it), so to make a twin, I’ll need to make 80 or so.

(the original looks like it has 99, but those blocks are smaller).

I’ve made my grandma draw me some blocks, based on her imagination, and I’ve drawn some from the flowers in the yard, and I’m also looking at nature books to see what else I can do… I’d like to do maybe 3 blocks per design. Oh, and my kids have each drawn me a flower, so I’ll put those in to. but maybe just once each? (does that make me a bad mom?)