I hate magenta.

I made this super awesome dress for the Bean, using a vintage pattern…. (sorta. I mean, I copied a vintage pattern but used her sloper) anyway, to make the grey a little more girlie, I embroidered some flowers. And the old magenta floss I used bled all over. poop.

A boy doll for the Bean’s boy…

My daughter’s love is a little boy called Pickle (fate, right?). For his birthday she and I decided he needed a boy doll so he didn’t always have to play with the girl dolls. She chose the Eddie doll from Wee Wonderfuls, and we made it yesterday and today. I used the scraps from the […]

A bag.

as part of passing on a board position at the kiddos’ preschool, I made a bag to hold the 1st VP binder…. I used some stash gaberdine, some lovely circa 1934 dots (won during the White Elephant at the LAMQG retreat), and some Quilters Linen (LOOOOOVE) I put pockets inside for pens, keys, etc, and […]


I’m recovering from my all-nighter last night (3 hours counts as zero hours, according to my friend Jenny), but last night and today were TOTALLY worth it.Thus afternoon was the monthly weekend sew for my guild, which is always a good time. I got all the blocks cut and pieced for the Drunkards Path baby […]

random bits and bobs

  This post could also be acurately labeled as “Things that make me happy:”   I got a new planner last week (well, I picked it up last week, but I ordered it several weeks ago) It’s the LIFE planner by Erin Condren, and I chose to put my own picture on the cover (free […]

embroidered doll quilt

So I made these 2 blocks a while back (shh, don’t tell, but the yellow flannel-bush flower isn’t actually done), but I really didn’t like the black background, so I turned them into this little doll quilt.   I used… um, a light green kona that was in the backing fabric. and the backing fabric […]

Block 3! (I’m on a ROLL!)

  I’m super proud of my stem stitch, so I had to make the picture big so you could all see it. The fabric isn’t really stained, it’s just wet, I couldn’t wait for it to dry before scanning it and posting it. LOVE these flowers. Also just love the way my Grandma draws. CANNOT wait […]

progress, halted…

I’ve started knitting a sweater for D… I have so much yarn left from when I was knitting soakers for the Bean, I need to use it! I am working on a sailor-inspired sweater, using “Knitting without Tears” by Elizabeth Zimmerman (when I get rich, I’m gonna buy every book/show/etc she ever made)to help me […]

Embroidered Quilt Block 2

I sorta want to host a QAL, so I have some accountability, but I don’t know if anyone wants to play along…. I made this one last night, to wind myself down (and also to give me a chance to watch an episode of The Tudors, I’m almost done with the whole series) I mostly […]

embroidered floral block, take 3

Or maybe take 2? I made this one with the black background (and then another one, which I still haven’t photo’d), and hated it. Too…. kitchy? tacky? they reminded me of velvet paintings…. so, back to my favorite solid blue (Kona Bahama Blue): words do not describe my LOVE.