Baby pants, etc

there’s something ridiculously appealing about baby butts. .. He’s way too small for the basket, but it’s so cute, we use it in the front yard when his big sibs want to ride bikes out there… he’s so teeny and smooshy! he’s had his first photoshoot (for the sleep sack pattern I still haven’t actually […]

baby sewing…

Another version of my next pattern, (woven cotton sleep sack with swaddle wings)… this time in Kona Modern Quilts (merlot colorway), and the inside is Kona Cerise: I was able to try it on a 5 week old yesterday to test sizing, placement, and it was SO perfect. LOVE it. (This version is going to […]

Crockett has dropped….

…so, I’m starting to panic about getting things done. The kiddos wanted to know why I didn’t make a blanket for Crockett’s basket, and I tried to explain a sleep sack to them. THey didn’t get it. So tonight I made one to show them how he’d sleep. I saw that the new Halo ones […]

Crockett better be a good sleeper….

I amde my kiddos a new boat! and the Bean a new place to play her current favorite game: lost Baby Hug Monster! can you guess what it’s really going to be? It’s a Moses basket for Baby Crockett! I used this pattern, which I had used before to make this Dr Seuss basket for […]

London Calling quilt….

Robert Kaufman is making some AMAZINGLY soft fabric, (lawn) with BEAUTIFUL floral prints (London Calling). When I felt it pre-spring-market, I asked if I could design a quilt with it, because it’s SO soft and nice… I finally got the chance, and even got to hand quilt it. I’ve NEVER felt such a cuddly quilt […]

Baby Crockett!

Ok, little dude, feel free to come any time now. (or go ahead and wait the full six more weeks, whichever you prefer).You have an outfit! Hat: thanks to my awesome friend Alissa, Shirt and Pants, made of Robert Kaufman Essex Linen scraps from D’s costume. (shirt is Newborn Kimono shirt from Purl Bee, pants […]

Finally finished knitted longies

Front: Back: I LOVE them. made in a size 9m, so hopefully he’ll be at least scooting, if not crawling, while wearing these, so his cute little cloth-diapered monster butt will be visible. pattern is based on the Budgie Bloomers (from ravelry) pants… with lots of improvised modifications….

Dr. Seuss Sweet Pea Sleep Pod

Moses basket made for the RK market booth, pattern called the Sweet Pea Sleep Pod… probably the most involved thing I’ve ever made, but LOOK how cool! It came out pretty perfectly, considering I made it (hurriedly) in a day and a night… the insides were all cotton prints, and the outside was SLICKER (RK […]


I’m trying to knock stuff off my to-do list (so that I can justify adding to it!) first up was this found quilt top… I used leftovers from the new Lazy Daisy Baskets line, by Darlene Zimmerman, with this cute Mother Goose panel… I like the back better than the front…. …probably because the front […]

Scrap/vintage sewing

I made this sunsuit from one of those vintage patterns I bought last month… it’s a size 1, and I mostly wanted to see the construction and assembly… I think it came out cute enough that I’ll draft a larger version for the Bean later this summer… I used leftover Essex Linen in awesome Hot […]