I amde my kiddos a new boat!

and the Bean a new place to play her current favorite game: lost Baby Hug Monster!

can you guess what it’s really going to be? It’s a Moses basket for Baby Crockett! I used this pattern, which I had used before to make this Dr Seuss basket for market….

The outside is Robert Kaufman Hampton Twill in Navy (also featured regularly in D pants), and the inside is all either Kona Solids, or the new modern “cheater cloth” called Kona Modern Quilts (The red is Merlot dots, and the other two prints are part of the Pacific color story).

I made the bumper with the ticker-tape print as the backing, and then I used the print as a guide to quilt (like I did this one for Spring Market, but I’ll admit that I quilted the bumper less densely than I did the original).

I think it gives the bumper a teeny bit of extra interest without being at all tricky or time consuming…

(gratuitous extra shot of all the interior fabric choices…)

She says she’s gonna sleep in it till Crockett comes…

(BTW, in case you are considering making one of these… it’s a LOT of work (and some of it is bulky and annoying), but it’s TOTALLY worth it. look how awesome the finished product is!!!!) I made the first one in 2 full days (weekends), and this one over 1 weekend day and several nights…)